Mechanic disputes 'unfair' dismissal from classic car company

Mechanic disputes 'unfair' dismissal from classic car company

A mechanic who used to work for a classic car parts specialist reseller has taken legal action against his former employer for unfair dismissal.

Kevin Reid, previously of award-winning Classic Motor Cars Ltd in Shropshire, was accused of breaching company policy by offering a personal contract for part of a Jaguar E-type. According to Dudley News, Mr Reid has disputed the grounds for him losing his job, claiming that the company did not carry out a full investigation into the matter.

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Classic Motor Cars Ltd was waiting for a panel for the E-type when Mr Reid took it upon himself to source it through a personal contract with an American source. The mechanic told a Birmingham Employment Tribunal he was simply trying to get the project, which was running two months behind schedule, back on track.

Mr Reid was subsequently dismissed for gross misconduct, but he has said the company overreacted. The judge’s decision is still pending.