Most drivers 'would consider buying from independent dealerships'

Most drivers 'would consider buying from independent dealerships'

Car buyers are most likely to chose an independent dealership when looking for a replacement vehicle, according to new research.

The survey by found that 54 per cent of buyers said they would consider an independent, while 50 per cent said they would think about buying from a franchise. However, more than a third would also consider buying from a private seller.

Research into customers’ attitudes and intentions is always worth looking at, to find out whether there are improvements you can make to your own business to provide people with the service they are looking for. Don’t forget that if you make changes as a result, you should also look at your motor trade insurance and road risks insurance to ensure they are continuing to provide the necessary coverage.

The latest research also found that there were definite age and gender differences when it came to where people looked for a new car. While men were most likely to choose a franchised dealership, women were more likely to buy from an independent (57 per cent) or a private seller (39 per cent).

The 35 to 54 age group was the one most likely to turn to an independent dealer while young drivers aged 18 to 34 were most likely to choose a private seller.

Peter Watts, director of dealer insight at, said: “These findings reaffirm that many younger and female buyers still feel that dealerships can be daunting places that are the domain of older males experienced in purchasing cars.

“We would all like to see a greater number of buyers perusing forecourts and completing sales and there is a clear opportunity to make this a reality if we appeal more to female and young buyers.”

It seems dealers need to do more to attract younger motorists and make their dealerships more welcoming towards them.