Motor trade industry must not alienate technophobes, Ford warns

Motor trade industry must not alienate technophobes, Ford warns

The motor trade industry must be willing to cater for drivers who do not want to be bombarded by technological innovations, the executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company has warned.

As driverless cars and touchscreen operated vehicles look set to become increasingly commonplace, Bill Ford (pictured) has said that manufacturers and dealerships could alienate consumers who are less comfortable with the advances. Speaking at a conference this week he said: “A lot of this really cool technology… kind of freaks some people out.”

Catering to all generations is going to be very important as new innovation develops at pace. The same trend can be seen by those obtaining motor trade insurance; many companies will want to get an online motor trade insurance quote at a time convenient to them – however, it is still advisable to resort to the trusty method of speaking to expert brokers over the phone to ensure the business gets the best deal on a policy that meets all of its needs.

Speaking of driverless technology, Mr Ford told the ‘intelligent transportation’ conference: "Some people hear 'autonomous driving,' and say 'Oh my God, I never want to get into that vehicle.'

"Other people say, 'I don’t want my car talking to other cars. That's terrible.' We have to do this thoughtfully."

Therefore, as Bollington does when providing motor trade insurance, the Ford chairman stresses that it is vital that the industry caters to all demographics so each customer can go for whichever option works for them.