Motor trade plans to convert medieval building into car showroom

Motor trade plans to convert medieval building into car showroom

Plans have been submitted to transform a medieval townhouse in Gloucester into a car dealership.

Tanners’ Hall is a 13th century building that is owned by GL1 Car Sales. After attempts to sell the historic building, the company is now appealing to the council so that it can use the rear yard to display and sell vehicles, the Gloucester Citizen.

If the planning applications are successful, the dealership would offer a unique proposition of a motor trade business located in a medieval setting. However, it is important to think about the implications this could have when acquiring a combined motor trade insurance policy; all manner of things from location through to the security features in place at a particular site will be taken into consideration when a quote is provided, so it is always worth bearing this in mind when choosing a business premises.

The only stone medieval house left in Gloucester, GL1 Car Sales tried and failed to sell the property for £395,000 then again for £250,000 at auction. So instead the motor trader wants to transform the overgrown, weed-covered garden into a car showroom.

Ismail Munawer of GL1 Car Sales explained: “The motor trade appears to be the only consistent viable use and any potential alternative tenant is likely to be in the motor trade – something which Worcester Street and Kingsholm Road has traditionally been associated with.

“The continuation for the historic use as car sales would ensure the site is secure , maintained and free from scrub and undergrowth which has threatened the structure of the monument.”