Motorists pessimistic about General Election

Motorists pessimistic about General Election

As men and women across Britain head to the polling stations, motorists have revealed that they are not confident things will improve for them regardless of the outcome.

A new survey of 1,000 British motorists by Auto Trader found that seven in 10 were ambivalent about forthcoming changes, while almost two in 10 felt the next government would do less to help drivers. Fuel prices were cited as the main concern of motorists, despite diesel and unleaded prices being lower now than during the last election in 2010.

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Returning to the pending election results, other issues that motorists across the UK would like to see addressed include fixing potholes and lowering insurance costs, which were deemed the second and third most important changes respectively. Reducing congestion and improving the environment were ranked fourth and fifth.

Nick King, market research director at Auto Trader, commented: "We haven’t heard too much about the plight of the motorist from any political party in the run up to the election. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that most of those surveyed seemed quite pessimistic, at least when it comes to a focus on motoring issues."