New laws to empower car buyers against dodgy dealers

New laws to empower car buyers against dodgy dealers

New rules that have come into effect are going to empower motorists to make complaints about vehicles they have purchased.

The European directive changes in legislation were introduced at the weekend and form part of the new UK Consumer Rights Act, which will see more wholesale changes implemented when it comes into existence later this year. The first set of changes, the Sunday Times reports, will allow car buyers twice as long to return vehicles they are unhappy with, now giving them a 14-day assessment period.

This could see a power shift away from the car dealers and towards the customers. Within their interactions with buyers, motor traders can protect themselves against some potential issues by acquiring public liability and professional indemnity cover as part of a combined motor trade insurance policy.

While public liability insurance will cover accidents involving customers on your business premises – which could lead to lawsuits – professional indemnity insurance could protect against negligence claims on the work the firm carries out on vehicles.

Other changes that will be introduced under the new Act will see drivers being able to reject a car they have bought within 30 days should it suffer a fault. Furthermore, customers will be able to reject a troublesome vehicle within the first six months of ownership after one failed repair.

The legal updates come as Trading Standards attempt to find ways to curb the number of rogue dealers who are misleading or ripping off customers by knowingly selling them dodgy vehicles.