New motor skills academy to open in Surrey

New motor skills academy to open in Surrey

A car dealership and college in Surrey have come together to open a brand new motor skills academy in the region.

Nescot College in Ewell and Shelly Motors in Epsom will open the Epsom Motor Academy in September this year. The cutting-edge training centre will offer 15 or more apprentices the chance to undertake two motor vehicle maintenance courses, which are to include time spent at local garages.

For dealerships and garages looking to hire young apprentices it is worth considering whether or not they will be named on a firm’s road risks insurance policy. Younger drivers will often cost more to add as a named driver, if they can even be named at all, so it might be worth not using them to drive customers' cars. Nevertheless, because of the lower wage the less experienced employees demand, it is still worth looking to invest in youth, which in turn can help support the long-term growth of the business.

As part of the Epsom Motor Academy initiative the trainee mechanics will learn how to use state-of-the-art laser-precision-controlled wheel alignment machines and the latest diagnostic equipment, the Epsom Guardian reported.

Mohan Chana, director of employer engagement at the Nescot College, said they are very proud to be launching their first-ever motor skills courses. He added: "We know there is a big demand for these courses in the area, and we’re particularly looking forward to working with Shelly Motors.

"Our apprentices will be trained using some of the most up-to-date engineering and technology in the motor industry."