New parking bays blocking business at Oxford car garage

New parking bays blocking business at Oxford car garage

New parking bays created by Oxfordshire County Council have been called a "joke" by a man who runs a local car repair centre.

Fayzan Qureshi, 27, co-owns BJ Autos in Margaret Road, Headington. He says that the decision to recently paint park bays directly outside the car garage is blocking off access to the business and losing the company money.

Decisions by the council to create extra parking that blocks off the front of a business is just one of a number of ways that a car repair centre could lose money. While motor trade insurance cannot help with local disputes, it can help protect against other risks such as theft, vandalism, fire damage or flooding, which is why it offers such vital support and assistance to any car dealer, mechanic or garage.

Mr Qureshi told the Oxford Mail that since the lines were painted his business has had to turn down two MOTs because they cannot get the vehicles from the road into the testing area, therefore costing him more than £100.

He explained: "It is really concerning because when we book in an MOT, that MOT is dependent on a car not being parked outside. The other week we had someone park there for three hours and we said ‘well you can, but it loses us business’."

Following complaints councillor Dee Sinclair visited the garage and confirmed: “They have painted parking bays across the access point to the garage stopping any business.” The council has said they will be removing the road markings and hopes this will resolve the issue.