New scheme promotes classic safety checks

New scheme promotes classic safety checks

Classic Car Weekly columnist Fuzz Townshend has launched a campaign to persuade classic car owners to get their vehicles checked regularly.

The Car SOS presenter has launched the Classic Aware initiative in response to proposals to exempt an increasing number of historic vehicles from roadworthiness testing. Townshend, who is involved in the Classic Friendly scheme promoting garages specialising in older vehicles, stated that he is encouraging classic car owners to refuse to rely on owner safety checks and have vehicles checked over by an independent specialist.

For those mechanics working on classic cars, which demand extra care and attention during the repair and restoration process, it is important they assess the type of road risks insurance they have in place; mechanics might be need to obtain a specific level of cover that will enable them to drive the specialist vehicles for their work.

Townshend is encouraging car owners to register their support for independent roadworthiness checks via the Classic Aware scheme, through which they will receive updates and tips on where to get their cars inspected.

"Owner inspections might miss crucial clues that affect classic cars more deeply than modern cars that have more automated safety systems in place. Once compulsory testing is removed, there would be little between the road and some 650,000 cars," he said.