New tool lists garages by quality and standards

New tool lists garages by quality and standards

A new tool has been launched by the AA which allows motorists to view garages ranked by quality and standards.

The AA Garage Guide is designed to help drivers find the best dealer or garage in their area for repairs and servicing. It aims to put the trust and reliability of the businesses before the price as this was seen as being of more importance to motorists.

Dealers and garages can apply for a listing with the service and to do so is free. However, they must submit to a verification process, which will see their trading history and company information checked, along with any industry schemes, accreditations and their general reputation.

Garages considering joining such a scheme would be wise to double check their motor trade insurance policy is in order as well before making an application to be listed.

Lucy Burnford, co-founder of AA Garage Guide, commented: “In recent years, there has been an explosion in online service booking platforms, but these are price-focused rather than quality-led, which we don’t think best serves UK motorists or attracts the best businesses.

“Also, many of these booking platforms aren’t available to franchised dealers, so are not genuinely whole-of-market. As a result, AA Garage Guide hosts both franchised dealerships and independent garages with the focus on quality and standards rather than price.”