Nine in 10 car buyers 'will haggle over price'

Nine in 10 car buyers 'will haggle over price'

The vast majority of motorists in the UK will haggle over price when buying a new car, research has found.

Sainsbury's Bank surveyed 2,019 British drivers about their car buying habits. It found that 89 per cent of people were expecting to negotiate with sales staff over the price of their next vehicle, with men (92 per cent) more likely to attempt to drive the price down than women (85 per cent).

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In terms of just how hard car buyers would try to achieve a lower price, Sainsbury's Bank's research showed that 42 per cent would only haggle slightly, while 35 per cent of respondents said they would try fairly hard and 23 per cent were confident they would haggle very hard.

There was also a gender divide when it came to the amount car buyers expected to save through haggling, with men expecting to knock an average of £889 off the purchase price, compared to the £696 women expected to save through haggling.

Simon Ranson, head of banking at Sainsbury's Bank, said that it was "encouraging to see that so many people are prepared to haggle and get the best price for the car they want".