No truth to claims women are charged more for car repairs, data shows

Claims that car garages in the UK charge women more for repairs than men are untrue, new analysis has shown.

Earlier this month online marketplace ClickMechanic stated that women are charged, on average, £45 more for car repairs than men. However, has analysed 64,000 data points and found that the typical car repair quote for a woman is more than 10 per cent lower than for a man.

In the same way a car mechanic or dealer would not expect the price of road risks insurance quote or motor trade insurance policy to differ depending on their sex, it goes without saying that gender should have no bearing on the amount charged for car repairs. This latest research will come as welcome news for the industry as it attempts to dispel preconceptions that it is biased against women. has had 113,000 previous users and has 6,600 registered garages that provide 4,000 weekly tailored repair quotes. It analysed the data from its site, which included quotes for everything from an oil change to more complex work such as clutch replacement and even full resprays, and found that the average quote to women was £208, compared to £233 for men.

The company said the UK’s car maintenance industry can do without coverage suggesting that garage owners and managers jack up prices for female customers, and it’s pleased to see that this myth can now be safely dismissed, AM Online reported.