Over £100,000 of tools stolen from Cambridgeshire MOT centre

Over £100,000 of tools stolen from Cambridgeshire MOT centre

Thieves have stolen more than £100,000 worth of tools and parts from an MOT centre in Cambridgeshire.

Paul and Julie Pearson, who run Road Runner Car and Commercial, are said to be "gutted" after the criminals smashed their way into the car garage and made away with a huge amount of valuable equipment. Among the items stolen after the thieves had kicked their way through a rear fire door were three main toolboxes, which are worth around £25,000 each.

Cases like this are a prime example of why car garages must have a combined motor trade insurance policy in place. Robberies can decimate a business, but with an insurance policy that provides financial cover for the vehicles, tools, equipment and spare parts held on site, as well as the premises itself, the company will live to trade another day.

Mrs Pearson told Ely News: "We're absolutely gutted and can't believe it's happened to be honest.

"We came into the garage on Saturday morning and knew something was wrong straight away as all the filing cabinets were open. They've taken everything basically – every tool, every spanner, everything.

"It's devastating as these are tools my husband has owned for years or worked hard over the years to be able to buy."

Mrs Pearson added: "It made us feel so flat and upset over the weekend that we were contemplating calling it a day. But we've decided we're certainly not going to do that."