Plymouth car dealer faces angry protest

Plymouth car dealer faces angry protest

A group of angry customers have staged a protest against a Plymouth car dealer, who they claim owes them thousands of pounds from car sales.

Car dealer Steve Courage reportedly offered to buy and sell cars on behalf of the former customers, but the angry driver claimed they had not received any money.

In response to his failure to pay, the group stood outside Mr Courage's current car damage in Ernesettle with homemade placards, encouraging him to pay the money they believe they are owed.

Although it possible for miscommunication to occur in a sales environment, most car garage owners will use the appropriate legislation to ensure that they and their customers are protected against such events. Dealers who have a proven track record of dishonest dealings will find it more difficult to obtain the road risks insurance or combined motor trade insurance policies they need, with insurers reluctant to offer policies to such individuals.

The campaign against Mr Courage is being led by 40-year-old car worker Natalie Dorney, who says she paid £1,350 for a faulty Vauxhall Zafira in 2013. She returned the vehicle to the dealer but did not receive her money, and went on to sue the car dealer in a county court, where she obtained a judgement of £2,000.

Speaking at the protest, Ms Dorney said: "I am a hard-working single parent to four children and was without a car for weeks until my brother loaned me the money for another. A judge has ordered him to pay me but he hasn’t."