Police launch probe after arsonists target car dealership

Cars have been torched and destroyed after arsonists targeted a car dealership in Burbage.

Police and two crews of firefighters were called to the garage on Hinckley Road at 1:20 am on 7 April as four vehicles were engulfed in front of a residential bungalow. Firefighters requested that police attend the incident after they decided it had been started deliberately, and a Leicestershire spokesman has now confirmed that the fire is the subject of an investigation by the force.

Incidents like this illustrate the importance and value of having a comprehensive combined motor trade insurance policy in place if you are a car dealer or garage owner. This insurance will include a wide range of cover for the business and its assets, including the cars stored on site; the spare parts, machinery and equipment kept in the garages; the building itself; and can also include things like business interruption cover, which will offer financial assistance should the dealership have to close for an extended period of time while repair works are carried out.

The blaze was brought under control by firefighters from Hinckley fire station at 2:30am before it stretched to a nearby flat, but the foam used to put out the fire could still be seen on the pavement by locals at 9am the next morning.