Police left me £10,000 out of pocket, says Dundee car dealer

Police left me £10,000 out of pocket, says Dundee car dealer

A car dealership in Dundee is appealing to police for an apology and compensation after a raid cost the business around £10,000.

Charles Sandeman, the owner of Glencross Motors in Clepington Road, says that the dealership was forced to close for two and a half weeks as part of a random investigation. He claims that he has been left massively out-of-pocket by the disruption caused by “heavy-handed” officers.

It is rare that a motor trader, or indeed any business, would have to shut down for an extended time due to a police investigation. However, having business interruption cover as part of a combined motor trade insurance policy could offer protection should your business be forced to close for an extended period of time – the loss of earnings incurred by long-term closure as a result of serious damage to the business premises, for example, could be recouped should you have this type of cover in place.

Glencross Motors was raided last month, with all of the 106 vehicles on site being inspected as well as the business premises. It is not known what sparked the thorough investigation of the business but, other than six minor defects with the vehicles being sold, Mr Sandeman was not found guilty of anything.

The owner says that when you add up wages and trade, the company has lost about £10,000. He told Dundee’s Evening Telegraph: “I think I deserve an apology.”

Mr Sandeman, who also had his own home inspected, added: “I haven’t even spoken to a police officer yet to find out what this is all about.”