Pop-up car showroom concept launched

Pop-up car showroom concept launched

The pop-up shop concept is spreading to the car industry with a pop-up dealership opening in Bristol.

Infiniti, Nissan’s high-end vehicle marque, is using the pop-up showroom to expand its network and increase sales of its new Q30 model. The whole ‘dealership’ is taken to a site by lorry and used as a stop-gap showroom while a permanent base is being built nearby.

The pop-up concept has been successfully used across a range of sectors to test the market but in this case it’s being used to grow the brand more quickly. It’s a good method for car dealers who want to find out if there is a market locally to diversify their business, for example with classic cars or motorbikes. If you’re keen on the pop-up idea, make sure the premises is properly covered by your motor trade insurance.

The Motorline Infiniti pop-up showroom in Bristol is the first in the UK, but the idea is set to be rolled out across the country and Europe as the brand builds its network. Infiniti aims to double sales by increasing its showrooms from 10 to 15 in the UK during the next year and a half.

The company has built a dozen pop-up showrooms, which each measure 28 sq m. They will focus on selling the new Q30 hatchback model, with test drives available and big screen viewings of the other models in the range on offer.

The new Q30 was launched in the UK market last month and the brand is also introducing the QX30 crossover, Q60 sports coupe and an upgraded Q50 saloon to the range this year.

The marque is enjoying strong European sales, with a 45 per cent annual growth last year, and a 75 per cent jump in January compared to the first month of 2015, AM-Online reported.