Repair centre blaze destroys 20 cars

Repair centre blaze destroys 20 cars

An arson attack at a car repair centre in Greater Manchester has destroyed 20 vehicles.

The fire at the Direct Line car repair centre in the Heywood Distribution Park is estimated to have cost the business around half a million pounds. CCTV footage from the incident has shown arsonists smashing the cars' windows and then setting several of them on the fire, with the intense blaze quickly spreading from vehicle to vehicle.

Whether accidental or malicious, fires at car dealerships and garages can spread quickly because of the flammable materials involved. This illustrates the importance of a combined motor trade insurance policy that provides comprehensive financial cover for all the business' assets, including the equipment, spare parts, office furniture, technological devices, cash and cars stored on site, as well as the building itself.

The cars destroyed at Direct Line's garage were all privately owned, with some just awaiting minor repairs as part of their insurance claims, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Heywood watch manager Pete Fletcher said: “When we got there, there were probably already about 10 cars on fire, but because of the intensity of the heat the fire was spreading from vehicle to vehicle.

“Some of the vehicles were worth about £50,000 and were only in for minor repairs, but now they’re completely written off.”

A joint investigation is now underway between the police and the fire service.