Rise in apps pushing car dealers to work 24/7, research finds

Rise in apps pushing car dealers to work 24/7, research finds

Car dealers are increasingly working round the clock to find new stock, research has found.

According to the data from epyx’s 1link Disposal Network e-commerce platform, the use of mobile apps in the buying and selling of cars has increased by 50 per cent in the past year. This is indicative of independent traders’ current approach to work at all hours to find, buy, advertise and sell vehicles, automotive technology firm epyx has added.

However car dealers wish to buy and sell stock, it is essential they have a road risks insurance policy in place that will enable them to drive the vehicles. Traders will have to pick up and drop off different cars on a day-to-day basis; this insurance can offer varying degrees of protection for the car, the driver and other vehicles on the roads.

The way consumers are now buying cars – using apps and websites rather than going to dealerships – has placed new strains on car dealers, particularly independents. For one-person operations particularly they must work tirelessly for their own livelihood and the increasing use of apps and websites means the trader must be constantly checking that all digital platforms are fully up-to-date.

David Goodyear, head of business development at epyx, said: “We are very much seeing a situation where the buying and selling of vehicles is becoming a 24-hour process.

“For buyers, in a market where there remains dealer shortages of some of the most desirable stock, apps allow you to move quickly when the right vehicles appear for sale. For sellers apps allow you to monitor the current sales situation of your stock in real time.”