Scunthorpe car repair centre gets six-figure refurbishment

Scunthorpe car repair centre gets six-figure refurbishment

A garage in Scunthorpe has completed a refurbishment costing more than £100,000 to help deliver new, cutting edge services to its customers.

The Kwik Fit car repair centre in Brumby Wood Lane has been in business for over 21 years, the Scunthorpe Telegraph reported. The substantial investment has not only improved the aesthetics to make it more customer-friendly but it has also introduced new technologies such as laser wheel alignment equipment.

When car garages or dealerships make substantial investments into their business, it is important that they assess whether or not their combined motor trade insurance policy still provides adequate cover. Firstly, new equipment and technology will need to be incorporated into the policy to ensure it is protected against theft, damage or breakdown. Secondly, tenants improvement cover is ideal for companies that introduce improvements to the business premises.

Commenting on the newly refurbished garage, the Mayor of North Lincolnshire, Councillor Trevor Foster, said: "The investment that has been poured into the local centre is very good news for Scunthorpe and its motorists. The town is very fortunate that the company selected the Brumby Wood Lane branch over hundreds of others for refurbishment with all the latest technology and equipment.

"It's also commendable that there's an apprenticeship scheme in place to give unemployed young people a helping hand by creating jobs and giving them some valuable career skills.”