Several commercial garages go up in flames

Several commercial garages go up in flames

A garage owner in Hatfield says he feels lucky that no one was killed after a fire broke out in his workshop.

Kat Loo, the owner of KitKat Motors in Hatfield told the Welwyn Hatfield Times that there were several members of staff working in the garage at the time of the fire on 1 June 2016, but everyone escaped unharmed despite the ferocity of the flames that engulfed the premises.

Loo told the Welwyn Hatfield Times newspaper: "We were doing some work, then all of a sudden we saw fire and tried to put it out with three fire extinguishers. But as soon as we realised it was impossible, we quickly turned the main power off and just ran.”

It's imperative that anyone running a garage or car dealership ensures their motor trade insurance and road risks insurance policies are up to date to cover themselves for unforeseen events that could damage valuable property and stock.

Meanwhile, in High Wycombe, at least 20 cars have been damaged in a fire at a BMW showroom in mid June. The fire broke out on 14 June at 10pm and ripped through the premises, only finally being controlled by 30 fire fighters.

It is, as yet, unknown whether the cars that were damaged were in for repairs or the extent of the damage to the premises. Witnesses suggest that the showroom itself was completely smoke-logged. The cause of the fire has not yet been established at the time of writing.

A massive blaze also damaged a BMW garage in Barry, Wales in mid June, with reports suggesting several cars and a van were damaged in the fire, which was started by accident.