Social media 'pays dividends' for car dealerships

Social media 'pays dividends' for car dealerships

Speaking at this year's AM and Auto Trader Digital Marketing Conference, a social media expert has suggested that engaging customers via local social media could pay dividends for car dealers.

Social Media Risk and Compliance Specialist Greg Freeman from CrowdControlHQ has stated that 83.3 per cent of automotive marketing teams have increased their year-on-year spend for 2015 as growing evidence highlights social media's impact on car dealership's bottom lines.

Social media is one of many aspects of digital business that is beginning to influence automotive marketing, with many used car buyers now turning to online marketplaces to search for their next vehicle. This dramatic change in the fundamental operations of car dealerships has encouraged many car dealers to re-evaluate their motor trade policy to ensure it adequately covers modern business practices, staff and equipment.

According to Freeman, car dealers are increasingly making more money on leasing and service plans than on used car sales, which is steadily leading to an increased emphasis on maintaining relationships and engaging customers via internet marketing.

Freeman argues that social media is proving to be a successful means of keeping in touch with customers for individual car dealerships, with many now heavily relying on the success of local social media campaigns to boost their business.