Supercar dealer uses headset camera to sell £100,000 BMW

Supercar dealer uses headset camera to sell £100,000 BMW

A supercar dealer in Preston has adopted a unique approach to selling vehicles using headset cameras.

The Amari dealership is using the technology from start-up firm GoInStore, which provides customers with a new way to shop for cars. Using a live chat with a salesman - who is wearing a headset camera - the customer can get a live, real-time tour of a supercar so they can explore the looks and features of the vehicle before deciding if it is something they want to buy or test drive.

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of how car dealerships and garages operate. As such, it is vital that computers, diagnostic machines and cutting edge gadgets are protected as part of a business' combined motor trade insurance policy in case they are stolen or damaged.

According to AM Online, the new headset cameras Amari is using have already enjoyed some success; using the GoInStore solution, Amari was able to sell a BMW i8 for £100,000 to a customer based 200 miles away on its first call, the website reported.

Daniel Hansens, GoInStore co-founder, said: "Our solution offers huge benefits, not just for luxury car dealerships like Amari, but also for small dealers and sole traders who are looking to engage customers at the increasingly key online research stage of the car buying process.

"By facilitating customers to “visit” the showroom from the comfort of their own home, GoInStore has to the potential to revolutionise the car purchasing experience, enabling buyer trust to be built online during the crucial information-gathering phase, and helping car dealerships to engage ready-to-buy customers much earlier in the sales process."