Thieves targeting high-end keyless cars, police warn

Thieves targeting high-end keyless cars, police warn

Police are warning that thieves are targeting high-end cars that use keyless technologies, such as the new Range Rover models.

Criminal are purportedly using hand-held devices to imitate the keyless technology, and are stealing the high-end cars to order. According to the Metropolitan police, more than 300 Range Rovers have been stolen in London since January, while in Brighton 10 Range Rovers have been stolen recently.

High-end cars will always attract the unwanted attention of thieves, so car dealers or repair workshops that have these types of vehicles on their premises must take extra care to ensure they are covered by a motor trade insurance policy. This will provide financial cover for the value of the car just in case it is damaged or stolen by criminals.

For motorists, the spate of keyless robberies is leading to insurance issues of their own - insurers are proving reluctant to offer policies for vehicles that use the keyless technology because of fears they are too easy to steal. According to The Times, one owner of a £100,000 Range Rover was refused insurance cover unless he had underground parking.

A statement from Jaguar Land Rover read: "Our line-up continues to meet the insurance industry requirements as tested and agreed with relevant insurance bodies.

"Nevertheless we are taking this issue very seriously and our engineering teams are actively working in collaboration with insurance bodies and police forces to solve this continuously evolving problem. This has already resulted in a number of prosecutions."