TIGOSE to offer apprenticeship to aspiring mechanics

TIGOSE to offer apprenticeship to aspiring mechanics

A UK organisation has announced that it is going to begin offering apprenticeships for students looking to make a career for themselves in the motor trade industry.

The International Guild of Specialist Engineers (TIGOSE) is a group that specialises in the repairing of historic and classic transportation. It is now going to start a programme focusing on the maintenance, repair and restoration of classic and sports cars.

For any individual or business that is performing work on classic or high performance vehicles, it is worth noting that they might need to acquire a specialist road risks insurance policy for these types of vehicle. Moreover, for companies hiring young people, they should consider whether or not they will be named as a driver on the firm’s insurance policy – those under 25 could drive the cost of cover up, while some insurers will not provide protection for inexperienced staff, such as those under 21.

TIGOSE stated that the apprenticeship would be starting from September so those interested are encouraged to apply now through the website www.tigose.com. By the time they complete the course, the apprentice will achieve NVQ Level 2 (apprenticeship) or NVQ Level 3 (advanced apprenticeship), functional skills certificates and IMI technical certificate, an apprenticeship/advanced apprenticeship completion certificate as well as recognition from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

TIGOSE founder Michael Scott said: "The International Guild of Specialist Engineers was born to support an old industry in new ways.

"We cannot achieve that without injecting fresh blood, ideas and energies into the learning process."