Used Nissan Qashqais drive sales at

Used Nissan Qashqais drive sales at

Online car dealer has announced record results for the month of April, largely driven by sales of used Nissan Qashqais, reports CarDealer magazine.

The newer generation of Nissan Qashqais, which are only now returning from two-year leases, performed wonders for’s bottom line, with used sales increasing 400 per cent compared to March 2016. Furthermore, the online-only retailer said that its record figures were also boosted by significant sales of the Range Rover Evoque and the Audi A3.

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In terms of total sales, said figures had jumped more than 30 per cent compared to March 2016. It marks a spectacular trend for the online retailer, as March was the previous record-holding month.

Kieran McMenamin, the product manager at Nissan Motor GB, said of the record-breaking results: “The first Nissan Qashqai pioneered the now hugely popular crossover segment and it’s one of the best-selling and most-loved cars in the UK.

“This latest model, launched in 2014, has consistently attracted both public and critical acclaim, so we’re obviously delighted that the first used examples on the market are proving popular with online car buyers.”