Vandals damage 15 cars at Wiltshire garage

Vandals damage 15 cars at Wiltshire garage

Vandals have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage after breaking into a car garage in Wiltshire.

Tim Wilson, the owner of the TW Auto Services at the Intercity Industrial Estate in Melksham, said he arrived at the garage on Sunday 3 May and quickly realised that it had been targeted by vandals. He told the Wiltshire Times that more than 15 vehicles were damaged, several others had been searched, and stereos and car parts were missing, with the clean up job likely to total in the thousands.

Car garages are popular targets for vandals and thieves due to the high value items inside, including not just the vehicles but equipment and spare parts as well. A combined motor trade insurance policy can provide cover for all these items, ensuring if they are stolen or damaged that the business recuperates the value of the damage that has been done.

Mr Wilson said that some of the cars targeted by the vandals were due to be scrapped anyway, but he and his team of mechanics are going to have to spend time repairing the ones the business was planning to sell.

He said: “There is no logic. They’ve tried taking radios and all they’ve succeeded in doing is breaking them trying to get them out.

“Most of them were going for scrap anyway so I don’t care, the more annoying fact is that they’ve done this, other buildings have been tampered with and the annoyance of dealing with it all.”