Video revolutionises car sales at Cambria

Video revolutionises car sales at Cambria

Cambria Automobiles has seen first-hand how video technology and other digital tools have had a positive impact on the way in which it sells vehicles online.

The use of video software from AutosOnShow.TV has enabled the car dealership group to increase traffic to its website, as well as markedly improve enquiry conversions and vehicle sales.

The software allows users to film the perfect showcase video for each vehicle it is offering online. The finished video is then uploaded directly to Cambria’s website, where visitors can see the vehicles on offer in much better detail than a series of images could ever provide. This has helped boost consumer confidence in the Cambria brand, according to the software’s creator.

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Adam Price of AutosOnShow.TV commented: “High-quality, consistent images of Cambria’s retail stock is boosting consumer confidence.

“Independent research shows that AutosOnShow.TV images are increasing vehicle views by a staggering 40 per cent online, highlighting the positive customer experience.”

Richard Mochor, the head of web at Cambria Automobiles, added: “Speed to market is unbelievably important and the AutosOnShow.TV system, at least, halves the time we can get a car to market with quality video imagery. We have a personalised video function available to all our guests.

“We can see very high levels of engagement with video in some of our best-performing dealerships. There is no doubt that AutosOnShow.TV videos are helping drive that.”