Video shows car dealer violently attacked by disgruntled customer

Video shows car dealer violently attacked by disgruntled customer

CCTV footage has captured the scary moment in which a car dealer in Miami was violently attacked by an unhappy customer.

The video footage has just been released of the incident from earlier this year in which two customers assaulted Ruben Mirelman, the owner of a car dealership, following a dispute over a vehicle that one of the pair had bought a few months earlier. Mr Mirelman was punched and a member of his staff was kicked before both the culprits fled the scene.

Although fortunately events like this are very uncommon in the industry, it is always important to remember that there are many risks associated with running a customer-facing business. That is why it is a legal requirement for any UK dealership operating from a business premises to have public liability cover as part of a combined motor trade insurance policy.

This could cover a company should something happen to a customer on its site. Furthermore, employers’ liability cover offers protection to the rest of a firm's workforce should they suffer an injury at work – however that injury might be sustained.

Police officers explained that what started as an argument over a vehicle bought from the dealership quickly intensified. One of the customers punched Mr Mirelman, causing him to lose consciousness, and then another employee who attempted to intervene was kicked.

Officers have said that one of the offenders – Zsa Zsa Brown, 27 – has been apprehended while the search for the second male is still ongoing.