Volvo’s new car showroom concept to be launched in UK

Volvo’s new car showroom concept to be launched in UK

Volvo UK is set to roll out a new showroom concept in its dealerships.

The showrooms will be updated to the car company's Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) design, including a new living room area for customers, and redesigned exterior. The new VRE identity has already been enacted in China, South Korea and Sweden, with some dealerships in the UK already at the planning phase of bringing in the updates.

Volvo dealerships looking to bring in changes to their showrooms should consider updating their motor trade insurance policy. As the exterior and interior of the building will see changes, and additional equipment such as tablet PCs for customers brought in, a traders combined motor trade insurance policy will need to reflect these changes to the business.

Head of network development at Volvo Phil Hand said that the new concept stores are aimed at setting the Swedish brand apart from their opposition, creating a more relaxing environment for customers, reported Am-online.

“People look at the range of cars on the website and get an idea of what Volvo is. We want to make sure that philosophy is carried on into the showroom. They want to visit the dealership because they want it underwritten in their mind that this is what the brand stands for."