Website to create online car 'autobiographies'

Website to create online car 'autobiographies'

A new online service has been created that will allow motorists to create an “autobiography” of their car.

The digitally verified car service history by Motoriety will include tax, MOTs, insurance documents and car maintenance. The online collection of the documents has been designed to save motorists time while also making sure important information remains safely stored, the Daily Mail reported today (6 May).

The creation of Motoriety by Lucy Burnford also reflects the growing demand in the motoring industry to have services delivered online – this is true of motor traders too, with many now looking to obtain online motor trade insurance quotes. Bollington can offer you an online quote, but it is also advised that once a quote has been received a company should speak to the expert insurance brokers to make sure they get the best price on the right deal.

Motoriety founder Ms Burnford says that the website can add value to a vehicle by demonstrating improvements made. It will also address the current trend among a minority of second hand car dealers that are misleading customers by not disclosing the true history of a vehicle they are selling.

She explained: “People are really confused about what paperwork to keep. We all have bulging drawers at home. But it struck me as strange that there wasn’t a centralised point for the car’s full service history.”

Having started at the beginning of the year, the business already boasts 2,000 users while 500 garages have also signed up to the service.