Whistleblower car mechanic receives £46,000 for unfair dismissal

Whistleblower car mechanic receives £46,000 for unfair dismissal

A car mechanic has been awarded £46,000 in compensation after an employment tribunal ruled that he had been dismissed unfairly.

Jason Phur, 39, was sacked from his job at privately-owned Volksline after he complained to the bosses about the practice of over charging customers for work they did not need. He told the tribunal that he had been ordered to fit a new clutch that did not need replacing and that another customer was charged £2,500 after he had to remove the cylinder head on a car when the fault was with the engine control unit.

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Mr Phur told the tribunal that when he confronted the bosses of the garage a meeting was called, wherein an argument broke out between the staff. Three weeks later disciplinary proceedings were brought against Mr Phur and four days after that he was sacked with a letter accusing him of a "negative attitude" at work.

A three-person panel ruled that the reason for his dismissal was "implausible and inconsistent". Whistleblower Mr Phur was awarded £46,000 in compensation.