Prepare for HSE Inspections: Avoid FFI


When HSE inspectors visit your workplace, they focus on finding material breaches, also known as violations, of any health and safety laws that require attention.

If an HSE inspector identifies a material breach, a Fee for Intervention (FFI) will take place. This means that you will then have to pay a fee of £129 an hour for time spent identifying the breach, helping you correct the problem and any further enforcement action. Follow these tips to prepare for an HSE inspection and avoid FFI costs:

  • Be prepared to answer questions about your workers and their responsibilities.
  • Ensure that all machinery, equipment, documents and records are up to date.
  • Be ready to discuss your own knowledge and experience of health and safety.
  • Prepare your employees for discussing everyday practices and safety standards in your industry with the HSE inspector.
  • Understand that the inspector will likely take photographs of your workplace.

Trust Bollington Risk Management

Bollington's bespoke risk management services can help your business to avoid any FFI costs by putting in place the right principles for health and safety management. Our in-house risk management team can offer support when our clients need it most.

With access to qualified risk managers and legal professionals, Bollington can help to take the stress away from a difficult situation, leaving business owners free to concentrate on their day-to-day work.

Andy Barnes, Director of Risk Management at Bollington, says: "Bollington's risk management services can help companies avoid incidents that may require an HSE visit from occurring in the first place.

"We can provide bespoke risk assessments, health and safety management and training, giving you the guidance you need to work safely and effectively.

"Directors and senior managers are becoming increasingly accountable for material breaches of health and safety in the workplace, and it's of concern to them that sentencing guidelines have been toughened in recent times. Those responsible for running a business often need appropriate advice to implement the right working practices, systems and procedures to avoid facing fines or even being sentenced for material breaches.

"Our team can help make risk management 'second nature' to employees by designing the right processes and procedures into everyday working practice. With IOSH Working Safely and Managing Safely qualifications available, we can help employees to understand the importance of working safely and help to make sure that it becomes part of the working culture in your business.

"Bollington offers a full range of services to help ensure businesses don't suffer the reputational damage, loss of time and earnings, or post-accident investigations that occur when a RIDDOR-reportable incident has happened."

For further information on how Bollington's risk management team can help your business, contact us on 0161 929 1851 to discuss your needs.