Men and women have different concerns when buying a car

Men and women have different concerns when buying a car

A recent survey by My Car Check has found that men and women have very different concerns when buying a used car, but that their overall priorities were similar.

The firm questioned 500 customers using their website about what they look for in a used car when making a purchase. They discovered that, when visiting a dealership, some women feel more uncomfortable than men when inspecting a car they may wish to buy. Men said they disliked negotiating the price of the vehicle and both agreed that the car's price was the most important factor in making a decision.

Making customers feel comfortable in your dealership is an important part of offering a good level of customer service. In addition, ensuring you have comprehensive road risks insurance to protect your business and your customers is another important part of customer service in the motor trade industry.

Interestingly, the survey also questioned men and women about their views on their own driving ability and found that men were more likely to say they were 'good' drivers than women, while women preferred to describe themselves as 'competent.'

Roger Powell, the director of My Car Check, commented on the results of the survey: “On the scariest aspect of car buying, again, there was a clear difference according to gender. Women worried most about inspecting the vehicle, while men worried most about the price negotiation. The fact is the average buyer, male or female, won’t buy a car very often and won’t have great technical knowledge.”

Customers were also asked what stresses them out the most about driving. Both men and women said one-way systems and roundabouts were the most stressful aspect of driving.