Seven cars stolen from Dundee dealership

Seven cars stolen from Dundee dealership

Thieves have raided a car dealership in Dundee, stealing seven vehicles worth a combined £40,000 including a BMW 1 series and two Audi A4s.

The crooks targeted Ancrum Autos on Charleston Drive between 16:30 on Sunday and 08:15 on Monday.

Two black Audi A4 cars were stolen, along with an orange Nissan Qashqai, a white Renault Clio, a red Suzuki Swift and a black BMW 1 series.

It's vital that garage owners and dealers take out the right level of road risk insurance to protect themselves from theft.

A spokesman for the garage said the thieves, who were caught on camera, smashed a garage shutter, broke the glass alloy door of the dealership and cut out the alarm systems.

Speaking to the Evening Telegraph, he added: “The cars themselves add up to £39,800 and the cost of fixing the damage they’ve caused will be more than £4,000.

“They weren’t that bright though because they left two of the cameras turned on – so we know it took them three and a half hours to rob the garage.

“At the moment it’s being looked at as a professional job, they certainly came prepared and with a plan.”

The spokesman said the theft had come at a “bad time of year”. “It’s affected the whole business, we can’t trade as normal. And there’s also a lot of extra costs, besides the loss of the cars, for us to get back open and running as normal – such as fixing what they broke.”

"Anyone who knows where the stolen cars are now is asked to get in touch with Police Scotland on 101. Alternatively information can be passed anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111,” Police Scotland said.