Vauxhall owners to get £2,000 for scrapping old cars

Vauxhall owners to get £2,000 for scrapping old cars

Car giant Vauxhall has announced it is relaunching its Scrappage Allowance Scheme until the end of the year, which will see owners of Vauxhalls receiving as much as £2,000 when they buy a new Vauxhall if they agree to scrap their old vehicle.

The offer will only run for a limited amount of time (between 15 November 2016 to 31 December 2016) and will not prevent those who take advantage of it from also taking out a finance deal with Vauxhall to help fund their new purchase.

The scheme will obviously attract more Vauxhall buyers to make purchases at branded dealerships. Any dealership owner offering new Vauxhalls will need to ensure they are fully covered by their traders combined insurance policy to protect them from the costs involved with damage to valuable vehicles on their forecourts or in their showrooms.

Vauxhall's retail sales director, Leon Caruso, explained that the scrappage scheme makes the Vauxhall brand a particularly attractive prospect over the coming months. He said: “We are pleased to welcome back our Scrappage Allowance Scheme, helping customers to fund their new car with up to £2,000 for their old model.

"Not only can customers potentially receive more for their outgoing model, but they can also use this in conjunction with some of Vauxhall’s great finance offers, making their new Vauxhall even more affordable.”

Classic cars offered up under the scrappage scheme will not be scrapped as standard, but will be advertised through the relevant owners' clubs so that enthusiasts can purchase parts made before 1991.