Motor Traders: Are You Properly Covered For Road Risks?

Motor Traders: Are You Properly Covered For Road Risks?

Motor traders are a diverse group, representing a wide range of businesses that face many different risks. Although the risks may differ slightly between them, all motor trade businesses work with vehicles in some capacity. Whether you are a dealer displaying vehicles on the showroom floor or a mechanic repairing vehicles in a garage, you need proper cover.

Businesses that drive their own or customers’ vehicles shoulder the extra risk of being on the road, and consequently need motor trade road risks cover. Road risks policies protect certain insured vehicles—motor vehicles that are the property of the insured or in the insured’s custody or control in connection with the business— while on the road or stored during travel.

Typically, you can purchase road risks cover for your motor trade business in these three ways:

Third party only policies are legally required and only protect against injury, loss or damage to third parties.
Third party fire and theft policies extend fire and theft cover to a third party only policy.
Comprehensive policies cover all of the above as well as any damage sustained by the insured vehicle.

Make sure you know exactly what road risks your policy covers. Contact Bollington Insurance Brokers on 01625 854300 for a well-rounded insurance solution for all your motor trade insurance needs.