Winter Weather Risk Management

Snow Woodland

The UK is susceptible to winter storms with heavy snowfall, icy conditions and gale force winds.

These winter weather conditions present their own set of risks for your business, particularly injuries and property damage. What can you do to reduce and prevent these risks?

Often, it's only in the midst of severe weather that people think about what they can do to avoid issues. Preparation before such weather occurs is the key.

  • Identify areas that could become slippery. Ensure you have enough gritting material to cover the areas.
  • Assign someone the responsibility of snow removal and gritting, or hire a service to do so.
  • Inspect your building for damage from frost and heavy snow or ice; make necessary repairs.
  • Establish a system for checking weather forecasts so that you can prepare before bad weather hits.

If bad weather causes you to close your business, it’s important to have a business continuity plan in place. To reduce the impact of closing your business, try the following recommendations:

  • Determine how you will continue service to your customers, and how you will communicate with them should your business be disrupted
  • Ensure the contact information for your staff is up to date
  • Consider whether your employees should be available for work, and whether they can work from home.

For more tips on reducing your winter risks, and for more information about developing a business continuity plan, contact Bollington Insurance Brokers on 01625 854300.