This is How Much Your Customers Trust You With Their Data

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In spite of scandals surrounding data, customer trust is increasing according to the ICO.

Despite high-level data breaches capturing headlines and social media scams wreaking havoc on users’ personal information, recent research from the Information Commissioner’s Office’s 2018 Information Rights Survey highlights an increase in customer trust regarding organisations handling their data.

Although not yet the majority, the survey found that 34 per cent of people have trust and confidence in companies and organisations storing or using their personal information—up 13 per cent since 2017.

Apart from increased confidence in data handling, the public still voiced some key concerns in regard to organisations having their personal information. Over half (51 per cent) of people are concerned about automated decision-making. As a whole, the public’s greatest worry when organisations use their personal data is having that information stolen by cyber-criminals.

In addition, nearly 80 per cent of people said that if an organisation they used experienced a data breach and their information was lost or stolen, that organisation should be held responsible. The message is clear: if your data is breached, your customers will hold you responsible. Be sure to implement strong cyber-security to protect customer data, and secure robust cyber-insurance to protect yourself in the event of a breach.

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