How Using Video Builds Trust and Drives Sales in the Motor Trade

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According to a 2017 survey from CitNOW, a company that specialises in marketing for dealerships, 80 per cent of in-market buyers are open to using video to support their vehicle purchases.

In addition:

  • Nearly 75 per cent of respondents said the use of video made them feel more confident when making a purchase.
  • Over a 12-month period, 1 in 5 buyers used video to support the purchase of a car.
  • Of those who recently purchased a car, approximately one-third interacted with a dealer-produced video.

Together, these statistics show that more and more customers are looking for modern and convenient buying experiences when shopping for a new car.

What does a good video look like?

Using video - whether hosted on YouTube or your website - helps bring your dealership to your buyers. Short, concise videos can help customers gather all the information they need about a particular vehicle, which could directly lead to test drives and, more importantly, increased sales.

This is especially true for buyers who live some way from your showroom, who can see whether a vehicle meets their needs before travelling to see you. Interested parties are more likely to travel to see you if they can see all the good things - and possibly even the minor faults - with a vehicle before they arrive.

A good video will show the unique features of the vehicle, both external and internal. External views of the car from different angles will highlight the paint finish and show off alloy wheels if fitted. If optional or more highly valued items are included, such as a sat-nav system or a reversing camera, you can show these features in use; or if a car has automated parking, you can film this happening.

Customers want to hone in on the vehicle they are searching for - whether it has leather trim, low mileage, it's a petrol, diesel or electric transmission - and offering this in a visual way helps to reinforce the impression that this is the vehicle they are looking for. Equally, it should deter somebody who isn't interested in the particular model from wasting their time - or yours - in coming to see it.

Offer headline text. If somebody is looking for a new car while at work, for example, they might not have sound on their PC, but will see for themselves what the features are and why they are desirable.

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